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How we train

At GPT, we like to treat all of our members as indivduals. If you’re looking for an individualized program that focuses on your personal fitness goals, then you’ve come to the right place.


Every member at GPT has a different set of skills and different levels of familiarity with fitness. We’re here to help you realize your truest fitness potential. We have coaches available throughout your whole workout to answer any questions you might have and to work with you to fully understand why your program is the right one for you and your goals.Every program includes any-time access to our facility during working hours. You pay one monthly fee based on how many sessions you come in for each week.


However, with all this talk of individualism, you’d never guess how strong of a team the members here at Gleason Performance Training really are. While we do focus on a program specifically made for you, our other members and coaching staff is what makes this gym great. We have all had a bad workout or lacked the motivation to get up and get going but that’s where we pull together as a team. We support each other, we push each other but most of all we’re there for each other. I don’t know about you but I won’t find that at any other gym.


Our pricing promise

If you sign up today, we will guarantee you the rate that you signed up for, we will never change the rate we promised you. As long as you don’t cancel your membership with us, we will never raise your rate. We offer an everyday 20% discount to veterans, military personnel, and first responders.


We also offer group rates, and all members are eligible for our generous referral program. Our group discount begins at 20% off for a group of five, and goes up to 50% off for a group of twenty. Every extra member in the group increases the entire group’s discount. Most groups interested in training with us are from student or recreational sport teams, but any group of five or more qualifies, as long as they train together and have similar fitness goals. If you’re interested in group rates, or other services like personal training or functional movement screenings, contact us for more information.