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How Graston helped Tyler’s knee and hand injuries

Tyler had a tough summer for injuries.  Not only did he dislocate his knee, but he broke a bone in his hand as well.  Not the way you want to start out summer vacation!


Tyler was excellent about doing rehab, but between casts, braces, and crutches, he built up some serious scar tissues and adhesions in both areas, which limited his range of motion.  Anyone who has ever had to wear a cast before knows how trying and painful it can be to regain your motion.  Tyler decided to come see me for some Graston, an instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization technique.  Together, we worked on his quads, hamstrings, the area around his kneecap, forearm, hand, and wrist.


The best part about using Graston was that Tyler was able to see and feel a difference after his first session.  After a few sessions and continued rehabilitation to retrain his muscles, Tyler was able to reach his full range of motion with little to no pain! Here’s how Tyler described it:

After sustaining injuries to my knee and hand, Graston was very beneficial in my recovery process.  Every session helped me get closer to where i was pre-injury and having no pain in my ranges of motion.  I would recommend Graston to anyone sustaining joint or tendon/ligament ailments.

Whenever we encounter injuries, or even the microtears in muscles that occur when we work out, we build up scar tissue and adhesions.  These limit the ability of your muscle fibers to glide past one another.  One of my favorite exercises at the gym is the slideboard, and we can think about adhesions in our muscles the same way.  When the slide board is clean and freshly resurfaced, it is easy to glide from one side to the other.  If it has been a while since it was resurfaced, you can feel yourself sticking to the board as you try to move from right to left.


When we have adhesions and scar tissue, our muscles move like the sticky slide board; the fibers have a tough time working together and gliding past one another like they should.  However, Graston helps to break up those adhesions so your muscles fibers have smooth sailing!

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