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Live like an athlete

If you are a member at GPT, we train you to perform, look, and feel like an athlete. We want to help every one of our members to feel athletic. By athletic, I mean physically able to do everything you need and want to do, on field or off.
Whether you play a sport competitively or not, athleticism has undeniable benefits. Think of what the most successful athletes have in common: They’re strong, fast, lean, explosive and energetic.
Being strong is a necessity for athletes in any sport. Stronger baseball players hit the ball farther. Stronger football players get in, and stay in, position better than weaker ones. But for everyone else, it’s nice to know you don’t need help moving the couch. (You may get asked to help everyone else.) And, strong muscles take the load off things like ligaments, so strong people are less likely to get hurt.
Likewise, most sports (obviously) require speed. For those who don’t play sports, sprinting is just awesome—you feel good when you move fast. Plus you can outrun all the friends who need help moving stuff.
Athletes need power—the ability to generate force fast. Being explosive helps blow past opponents, but it also helps every day folks avoid falls. And we lose power first as we age, one reason why it’s crucial for everyone to keep training.
Last, athletes need a deep well of energy they can tap into to perform throughout a game, meet, or race. For non-athletes, who wouldn’t want more energy at the end of the day? For example, take someone who works construction—it’s the difference between being able to climb countless flights of stairs without getting winded. When everyone else is ready for a nap, you are ready to throw a ball around with your kids. You’re physically able to get everything you want out of life.
As for looks, athletes and non-athletes alike, almost everyone wants to be leaner. (Linemen excluded.) Almost everyone would rather look strong, fast, and lean.
The best part? Training for athleticism is fun. No more sitting on boring machines and reading a magazine. You’re getting stronger by moving heavy weight. You’re getting faster by sprinting, and more powerful by jumping. It’s a blast, and it’ll help you better perform in every event from a road race, to an obstacle course, a powerlifting meet, or just chasing your dog when it runs out of the house.
Nike founder and unparalleled track coach Bill Bowerman said it best: “If you have a body, you are an athlete.” All you have to do is get up, get moving, and start training like one.
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