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Thanks for the help at the USAPL CT Spring Classic

We want to thank everyone who made Connecticut’s first USAPL meet possible.


Thanks to meet sponsors TB Remodeling, Visionary Media, Rupaka Brothers, Titan, and Max Muscle West Hartford. Congratulations to our 15 competitors, congrats again to those who set  state and American records, and finally, congrats to our best lifters of the meet, Brendan Stote and Andrea White!


A big thank you to all our the volunteers who helped run the meet—Jillian Gleason, Pat Dicaprio, Dorothy Gleason, Carl LaRovera, Jim Kipp, BIll Clayton, Pauli and Becca Steinman, and Kimberly Walford.


And a final huge thank you to the Northeastern University Powerlifting Team led by Zac Cooper and Mike Zawiliniski. Without their help with equipment, loaders, spotters and judges, this meet literally could not have happened. Thank you!

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