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Congratulations to our own Tierney Lawlor on making the UCONN basketball team!

We’ve announced it on our Facebook and Twitter pages, but we wanted to formally congratulate Tierney, who walked onto the UCONN women’s basketball team!


Tierney has been an off-season trainee with GPT for four years. She’s always been a dedicated player, but this summer she worked hard. To get prepared, she got strong on the big lifts—squat, bench and deadlift—and worked relentlessly at getting herself well-conditioned. One of our favorite strength and conditioning tools at GPT is the Prowler, a metal we load with weight and push at a fast pace. Tierney did six 40-yard sprints every training day—by the end of the summer she was pushing 90 pounds. Every. Single. Day.


We couldn’t be prouder of all the work Tierney has put in. Congratulations Tierney, you deserve it!

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